This is the world wide rank for all players that report playing the game Lorrein and that have reported the results of the game. The league is played per year, and everybody can join. Each time a player reports that he has played the game and sends us a report, a new stage will be added, preferably with a photo of the play. New players receive a player number. You can look up this number in the season results to see your position. Because of the new GDPA we do not show all names in a list.

The calculation of points
Each build workshop that is on your missioncard is one point.
Each castle is one point
Each flag (Big castle) is one point more than the small castle
A witch is one point
A farm is one point
A victory is one point

All points are added to show the stage result
All points are added to see the season result

Click on the season you want to see the results off.

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